Motor Rewinding

Why Your Motor May Need Rewinding

Your servo or ac motor has been giving you problems, and you recently discovered that it needs to be wound again.

What happens to a motor that causes it to need rewinding? Will they be able to assist with the complete repairs to the servo motor? Does it matter where you take your motor for rewinding? If those are the kinds of questions that are bothering you, then you have come to the right place.

Why Your Motor Might Need to Be Rewound:

If you’ve been told that your motor needs rewinding, that means the coils are shorted, grounded, or otherwise damaged. There can be a wide variety of issues behind motor failures that necessitate rewinding, and most of them make themselves known in the form of failed insulation and/or grounded/shorted coils.

Numerous distinct types of insulation failures exist, such as coil-to-coil shorting, turn-to-turn or phase-to-phase shorting, and grounding at the edge of the slot. These specific problems are typically caused by contamination, abrasion, voltage spikes, general machine ageing, or vibration.

Another frequent factor in the failure of motor insulation is thermal degradation. In essence, it happens when the insulation overheats because of faulty connections at the motor terminal, a locked rotor that causes high currents in the stator, extreme load demands that exceed the motor’s rated capacity, or excessive reversals and starts.


What Happens When You Rewind an Electric Motor?

Three fundamental procedures are involved in rewinding a motor: stripping or removing the existing winding (coils), inserting, and connecting fresh winding (coils), and insulating the entire winding. However, the rewinding procedure is not always as easy as it may seem.

Getting Winding Information

Despite having the same horsepower, speed, and voltage, most motors have noticeable variations in their windings, thus a technician will need to collect winding data. Included in this information are the quantity of slots, wire size, coils, turns per coil, essential dimensions, bracing, and insulation characteristics. The original motor is replicated using this information, and it is also used to suggest design changes that could enhance performance and increase the mean time before failure.

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Motor Rewinding