ACE FZ5380A-ACE2 Inverter

ACE FZ5380A-ACE2 Inverter 

Electro Electronics Repairs does repairs on any brand of Inverter.

Industrial Inverter systems are used for rugged environments and designed particularly to safeguard critical loads in industrial applications.

In the event of mains interruption or failure, the battery connected to the DC input feeds the load automatically and without interruption. If the battery discharge limit is exceeded, the inverter automatically turns off and a warning is given shortly before the discharged voltage limit is reached. Automatic change-over of the load to the bypass mains or a suitable spare supply occurs if the supply from the inverter falls outside the preset tolerances.

Having mono-phase and three-phase alternatives PMI Inverter systems are ideal for off-grid solar applications, wind turbine systems and for specific requirements ofmission-critical processes where there is a need for reliable AC/DC conversion

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