Mitsubishi FR-CS84-012-60 Inverter
Mitsubishi FR-CS84-012-60 Inverter

Mitsubishi FR-CS84-012-60 Inverter

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An AC drive is a device used to control the speed of an electrical motor in order to:

  • enhance process control
  • reduce energy usage and generate energy efficiently
  • decrease mechanical stress on motor control applications
  • optimize the operation of various applications relying on electric motors

Benefits of AC drive

  • Large energy savings at lower speed.
  • Increased life of rotating components due to lower operating speed.
  • Reduced noise and vibration level.
  • Reduction of thermal and mechanical stresses.
  • Lower KVA
  • High power factor

How AC Drive Controls Motor Speed
As the AC drive provides the frequency and voltage of output necessary to control the speed of an AC motor, this is done through PWM VFDs. PWM drives produce pulses of varying widths which are combined to build the required waveform. A diode bridge is used in some converters to reduce harmonics. PWM drives produce a current waveform that more closely matches a line source, which reduces undesired heating. PWM VFD have almost constant power factor at all speeds which is closely to unity.

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